Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toddlers, food, and puppies

Don't mix. Inevitably the dogs will get the food. I don't know why, but toddlers love to feed them. They would rather throw everything on the ground in order to see them scramble all over the floor to get every last morsel. Unless it's a banana, the dog will not touch it. Or it ends up in the dogs fur where said dog cannot get to it. Justin wants a dog when we finally get a house, and I don't know if I can allow that to happen. The poor thing would end up fat and useless due to Taylor throwing food to it. Vulture dogs drive me crazy, I would lock it up in the bedroom or outside every time Taylor was eating, which seems pretty mean, as he is always eating. Ah, but I love my kid, he is pretty hilarious even without talking. I'm pretty sure when that happens, I will be laughing my head off all the time. Right now his words are limited to dog(of course), ball, juice, please(sometimes), and a few other ones I can't quite understand. Banana came out like bababa, or something like that. Right now he's sitting behind me with a handi-snacks breadsticks and cheese smearing the cheese all over his high chair tray. Now you know why he doesn't sit at the table yet. A tray is much easier to clean up, you can stick it in the sink or dishwasher. Everyday is an adventure right now. I don't mind being a mom at all.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This was at almost 9:30 P.M. folks. Yep, this is my kid. He's a crazy, dancing fool.  The funny thing is, the music is a drum beat on his toy laptop that Noelle and Stephen got him for his birthday last year. And, he was for the most part on beat, other than when he fell over.  A lot.


We have had it so good the past 19 months, as I am now realizing. Misti(Justin's sister) has been watching Taylor ever since he was born, no questions asked. Well, I found out last week that our dream is over. She is, albeit reluctantly, quitting. We now have to find a new babysitter and, gasp, pay for it. I don't think that anybody else we know will watch him free of charge. Not to mention we don't have anybody close to us that stays home. All my family lives down south and all Justin's family, besides Misti, works. I'm so depressed. And Misti is sad too. She is quitting because her oldest child is going on a mission at the end of the summer. So of course she wants to spend time with her family before that happens, and unfortunately, missions are expensive. So when the summer is over she is finding a job to help support her family. But she really loves watching Taylor, so when she told me she was crying and that made me cry of course. So, if anybody knows someone who lives around Layton and watches kids. And doesn't charge an exorbitant amount, let us know. We could use some suggestions. And while I'm at it, Justin needs a new job, cause we're not gonna be able to afford it unless we have more money. And he's almost done with school, so if anybody knows of places that need a Graphic Designer, preferably that will pay more than $20 an hour (I want to stay home!!!), please let us know of that too. This is so hard, I don't want to have to do this, but it's gonna happen whether I like it or not. So, yeah, I'm stressed out right now. Sometimes having kids is so hard! But it's worth it!!