Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun

We got together with some friends yesterday to have a splash party. We were supposed to go over to our friend's house and swim in their pool, but their daughter, Phoenix, decided to make her entrance into the world instead. So, we went over to Rachel's family's house and let the kids splash around in a kiddie pool instead. They absolutely loved it! Well, not at first I guess, Taylor wouldn't even let Justin put his feet in the pool. But after we added a little warm water and coaxed him in, he didn't want to come back out. It was pretty hilarious, the kid has no inhibitions once he is enjoying himself. One of the pictures is of him going headfirst down the slide. That was all him, my friends. When he decided going feet
first just wasn't enough of a thrill, head first was
the way to go. He is definitely not taking after me
at all in that area. All in all, not a bad way to 
spend a Saturday afternoon...

Justin and Dave Todd chopping wood oh so efficiently. Cassi and I ought to be so proud.

My night in a teepee

We went up to Hardware Ranch last weekend to join our friends at a Mountain Man Rendezvous. They go about two times a year, I think, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Josh has been doing it for about 16 years I think he said. And Jen basically since they have known each other. It was pretty fun, besides the rain. I will most definitely go again, don't know if I'll ever join in the dressing up like a person from the 1800's, but who knows.