Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toddler Tantrums

Are not my favorite part of motherhood, by far. I just want to run away when they start. And when it's a tantrum because the child in question had to get out of the tub, and it happens every time he takes a bath, it makes me never want to give him a bath ever again. That's all, that is what is making me the most crazy right now as a mom. I really don't know what to do with myself besides completely ignore him until it's over. Man, my head hurts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Justin took Taylor sledding, and these videos are the result. Really cute. I love my family.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taylor learning to soumersalt

I love this video. Notice when he realizes that he is being recorded. He gets shy, it's really cute.

Bad day

So, I had a couple of not so great things happen to me yesterday. First, it was snowing so much up by my house, I had to gun it into the driveway in order to not get stuck. But I never do it right, so I got stuck, again. I think it's been three times now, possibly four. So, I had to get out and get the shovel and start digging the car out, but not before I cried in frustration. Taylor is kind of obsessed with crying, he always asks if you're crying or someone else is crying. Anyway, I said yes because I was frustrated. Then, as I'm digging myself out and cursing the snow plow that piled the snow up in front of my driveway, that very same snowplow pulls off to the side of the road and the driver gets out and asks if I need help. That kind of made me feel bad about cursing him, but I still hate snowplows and I especially hate my driveway and living on the east bench. There is WAY too much snow over here. So, with his help and the help of a lady in our ward, I was able to get out and get the car into the garage. So, that's one bad thing.
The other bad thing is so much worse and I cried over it a whole lot more. And you're probably going to laugh, because it's kind of funny. Justin had a show last night with his band down in Salt Lake, and being the good wife I am, I stayed home with Taylor. Hey, it was a Tuesday night and we have a kid. So, I went over to our friend, Rachel's house to hang out with her and Cassi and our crazy kids, and it was fun. We watched some American Idol and The Family Stone and had chocolate milk shakes that I made. It is a craving, I can't get rid of it, even if I have one. Anyway, after I got Taylor all packed up and we drove home, Justin wasn't going to be back until much later. It was 11 o'clock by this time, and I was really tired. Taylor was sleeping, thank goodness, or else it would have been much worse. Well, I got home and got everything together and was about to go get Taylor and I was feeling around in my purse for my keys, and guess what? They weren't there! I was locked out of the house because earlier when I had unlocked the door, I hadn't put my keys back in my purse and had left them in the house! You see, I don't keep my car key on the same key ring because I had heard that it is hard on your ignition to have a whole bunch of heavy keys hang off it. So, needless to say, I was very frustrated. We don't have a spare key hiding around anywhere(yet), and the doors were firmly locked. And the windows are double paned, and basically impossible to open because the house is so old. And I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and not willing to do anything too crazy to get in my house. Anyway, I texted Justin a few times and he wasn't answering because they were in the middle of their set, I texted Rachel to see if I could go back over there and she didn't answer(it's okay, Rachel, I could have just headed back over, but I really just didn't want to bother anyone). I was stuck sitting in my running car in the driveway with a sleeping Taylor for over an hour. It wasn't much fun. But, I can say that I'm grateful I had a running car with heat to sit in so we didn't freeze. So, yeah, that's my story, and I made it very long. Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Joining the 21st century

So, we finally got the internet today. Now hopefully I will get to blog to my heart's content. It sure beats "borrowing" the internet from our neighbors, not to mention being able to stop using quota time at work to check things that I really am not supposed to. Yeah, the Behling's are finally online! And hopefully soon we'll be able to get the wireless going and hook up our Wii as well. Anyway, I'm excited! So, here's to blogging!

Friday, February 6, 2009