Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Time!!!

Well, it's finally here. We are going in the morning to get this baby out of me! Well, they are inducing me anyway, and I'm really hoping that everything goes well. Since things did not go particularly great with my last delivery, I think I am entitled to a smooth, free of all things difficult, delivery. I really hope that that is what Heavenly Father has in store for me. Anyway, no matter what happens, I pray that I deliver a beautiful, healthy baby tomorrow. I'm sure excited to see her and hold her finally. And my belly will finally be free of all the torture it has been enduring the last little while. So, send all the prayers you can our way, and good vibes. We'll post pics soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Matt and Alisha

My brother-in-law got married last Saturday to a wonderful girl, Alisha. She really fits into the family, and they are so cute together. Anyway, here's some fun pics of the wedding and reception.

Taylor's Uncle Jer tying his shoes that seemed to be constantly coming untied no matter what we did.

My handsome hubby.

Mike(cousin), Matt, and Scott(brother-in-law)

Alisha and Matt

Walking back down the aisle after they were officially declared man and wife. Don't they look happy?!

Justin and I.

Taylor looking oh so cute, as usual

The Groom's Cake. Justin's Aunt Judy made this, she is amazing. They put a sign out so that people wouldn't try to pick it up, it looked so real.

The wedding cake, once again made by Justin's amazing aunt. I wish we had known she did this when we got married.

Taylor and Lucy hugging.

About to cut the cake

Smashing the cake! Such a fun tradition!

First dance, a Waltz
Everything turned out so beautiful. It was a really great day, and I'm glad that I got through it without going into labor. Alisha was really worried. But I held off, just for her:) Oh wait, it's been a week, and I am still pregnant. Darn it.