Monday, April 20, 2009

St. George "Get-Away"

This last weekend, we were invited by a good friend to go down to St. George to stay in her family's condo and have a nice, inexpensive vacation. So, After Justin's graduation on Friday night, we packed up the kids and drove the 4+ hours down to Southern Utah to enjoy the warm weather and just to relax. It was a pretty fun time, I really wish we had been able to stay longer. Oh well, maybe next time...if Rachel ever invites us back. Our kids kinda went crazy while we were down there.

Checking the GPS

I love this picture of Taylor. He was really enjoying this piece of Watermelon.

Big smile for the camera. A rare moment.

Toad Races! There were tons of toads out at night. They really loved the driveway, I guess. It was probably really warm still from the sun.

The little one in the top right hand corner kept jumping out the holes in the box. Taylor would not let go of me or Justin while we were outside. He was not happy either that I was sitting on the ground next to them. He really wanted me to stand up.

I have a very boyish boy, he loves frogs and snakes and all that, though not if they are real and could possibly get near him, but Lucy was definitely the brave one here. She wanted to hold them and touch them. Taylor wanted nothing to do with them.

Hanging out in the Expedition. Thanks again, Alisha, for letting us borrow it to drive down together with the Todd's.
I'm kind of disappointed in us for not taking any more pictures than this of our trip. I don't know why we didn't, maybe because everyone else had their camera's and got tons of good pics. I guess we'll have to steal some from them.


This is the first year we've done an Easter Egg Hunt with Taylor. I just figured it would be the first year that he would really enjoy it, and my family has never done one with all the grandkids until this year. It turned out to be really fun, Taylor really got into it, and it's like he's been doing this forever. It was pretty funny to see him pick up on it so fast. He knew almost immediately that when he found an egg, it was supposed to go in his basket. There were rules on how many eggs he could have, but he did not understand that part of it, so we just let him go for it.

This is right before we started, and yes folks, that is my big humungo belly hanging out into the picture. But I'm sure it was the camera making me look so huge...
Taylor was so funny, it was a race to him to get all the eggs he could. He kept on giving us his basket and running and grabbing all he could fit in his arms. Which he dropped, a lot.

Carrying his full basket. It got a little heavy for him, so we ended up carrying it sometimes.

Taylor and his cousin, Jaiden, racing down the hall. This is before they started eating all the spoils.
I'm excited for next year when Taylor is even older and gets into this even more.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Giggle fest

This is the gist of Taylor's bedtime last night. I think this happened the second or third time I put him back in his bed. "Mommy, I want a hug" I lay him down on his bed with his arms still wrapped securely around my neck, so basically I'm laying half on top of him with my arms stuck under him. I whisper into his ear "Okay Taylor, are you going to be in a good mood in the morning, because it's really late and since it's basically your fault (and your daddy's) that it's so late, you can't be in a bad mood in the morning" Taylor giggling because I'm tickling his ear with my breath. "Are you going to be happy tomorrow?" Taylor still giggling even though I'm not whispering in his ear anymore. "Okay, I have to go now, go to sleep" Taylor still clinging with all his strength onto my neck, and giggling. So, by this point, Taylor's laugh is so contagious, I start to giggle too...and neither of us can stop. Every time we stop to take a breath, he starts giggling again and then of course, so do I. Five minutes later...I'm crying because I can't stop laughing and Justin walks in the room and looks at us like we are crazy. I say "he's making me laugh, I can't stop" He laughs, turns around, and walks back out. Okay, this is getting out of hand, so I tickle his side a little bit so he'll let go of my neck, then he says "Daddy's Turn!" Yes! So I walk out of the room calling for Justin and telling him it's his turn. He goes back into to room with a detemined expression on his face. All of the sudden, I hear Taylor giggling again, and yes, Justin starts to laugh too. Good. Justin says "I was not going to laugh", and I say "It's impossible not to, huh?" He finally extricates himself from Taylor and tells him to go to sleep. We close the door and don't even hear another peep from Taylor. The laughing wore him out, and he went right to sleep. And guess what? He was in a great mood this morning! I love my toddler! Sorry, this was just such a funny experience, if you don't think it is, you probably just had to be there.