Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 months

My little angel is six months! I seriously can't believe how fast time goes. She is the little flower on the left. This was taken on Halloween, obviously. The other girls are her cousin Alexis who is next to her. She was born two months after Celeste, and then cousin Emily, who was born two months after that. I'm so excited to see her grow up and get her cute personality. She is mobile, not quite crawling all the time, but she's got the army crawl down. She loves to follow Taylor wherever he goes. I'm gonna start having to use a baby gate to keep her out of the kitchen. She is just a beautiful little smiley girl. I love her more every day. Unless she is just too ornery, you can always get her to smile. She smiles for strangers too. She is not shy. Taylor adores her, he won't leave her alone ever. Unless she's asleep and I threaten to make him take a nap too. I'm so grateful to have her, she seriously keeps me sane. Although, I'm not so sure that will be the case as she gets older, but right now it's great.